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What Australia’s best LMS platform offers your school

Free teachers to teach

SEQTA’s smart, intuitive workflows naturally ease workloads, enabling teachers to focus on the thing that really matters – students.

Connect your community

Bring transparency to your school and unite parents, students and staff without placing any extra burden on teachers.

Know your school

Peel back the layers and discover what’s really happening at your school, with our comprehensive data and analytics tools.

Everything in one place

Streamline your school with a sophisticated all-in-one teaching and learning solution that reduces admin and connects the dots.

Modern pedagogy

Cater for modern teaching practices such as flipped classrooms, interactive lessons, individualised instruction and visible learning.

Outstanding support

With an Australia-based helpdesk team and on-ground support across the country, we’re ready to help anytime you need us.

Benefits for your whole school community

For teachers.

SEQTA’s been developed – from the ground up – with teachers at the forefront of every decision. Every single aspect of the system – from our marksbook and attendance functions to our rubrics and pastoral care tools – has been carefully designed to melt away disruptive administrative workloads while ensuring data flows organically to every area of the system. The result? An immersive total-school solution which streamlines workflows, reduces workloads, and frees teachers to focus on facilitating truly transformational learning experiences for their students.

For parents.

SEQTA keeps parents involved in all aspects of their child’s education without placing any extra burden on teachers. Through our user-friendly apps and web portals, parents can access their child’s student information – including class timetables, attendance records, school notices, homework and assessments – from any device, anytime, anywhere. This effortless transparency, combined with SEQTA’s powerful continuous reporting functionality, brings parents into the learning journey, enabling parents to view their child’s results immediately and respond to their progress sooner.

For students.

Empowering students to take control of their education has never been easier, thanks to SEQTA’s intuitive learning tools. At the click-of-a-button, students can access important school information – including timetables, lessons, resources, homework, assessments and more – through our dedicated apps and web portals. This allows students to complete their schoolwork and manage their learning – regardless of whether they’re at home or in the classroom. Unleash your students’ potential, with modern, intuitive tools tailored to fit their lifestyles.

For leadership.

Drive outstanding teaching and learning outcomes in a way that supports your school’s unique strategic vision. Behind SEQTA’s modern, user-friendly interface lies an arsenal of game-changing analytics and business intelligence tools, tailor-made to help your school identify where it’s at, where it’s going and how it’s going to get there. With customisable dashboards, versatile reporting functionality and powerful data interpretation features at your fingertips, your team can finally stop ‘guessing’ and start ‘knowing’ what’s really happening behind the curtains of your school.

For analysts.

Accountability, transparency and efficiency are key aspects ingrained into the SEQTA package, fuelled largely by our powerful suite of user-friendly tools and industry-best functionality. From painless reporting and learning analytics, to intuitive student tracking, attendance monitoring and parent communication, SEQTA makes it easy for your staff to stay ahead of the curve. Leverage your data, streamline your processes and take the guess work out of student management. With SEQTA, it’s all possible.

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