The SEQTA story.

Founded by teachers Grant and Sharon Grosser in 2006, SEQTA has grown from a humble kitchen table start-up into a multi-award winning software company with clients throughout Australia and South East Asia.

SEQTA’s vision has always been to improve the lives of teachers because of the critical role they play in shaping the lives of children and adolescents. Unfortunately, increasing administration workloads takes teachers’ time and energy away from planning and delivering great learning experiences, and can leave them feeling that they’re never on top of their workloads.

As a deputy principal, Grant recognised this better than most, and together with his wife, Sharon, and angel investor, John Vickers, he set about developing a user-friendly, all-in-one software package that genuinely saved time so they could concentrate on what really matters: the students in their classrooms.

Today SEQTA provides more than 500 schools, 35,000 teachers and 245,000 students with instant online access to everything they need to effectively play their role in the school’s learning community.

What makes us, us?

At SEQTA, our decisions and actions are underpinned by a set of values.

Awards and accolades

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SEQTA: a founding member of the Education Horizons Group

Education Horizons Group is an Australian EdTech holdings company founded in 2016 through a formalised partnership between SEQTA and longstanding partner company, Synergetic Management Systems.

Under the Education Horizons Group arrangement, subsidiaries such as SEQTA, are supported by the strength of the wider group, enabling them to provide deeper benefits to clients without compromising the high-level product expertise and customer service standards for which each has become renowned.